Western Turkey in 17 days

Distances 3000 km (~1850 miles) by car
Transport: Mainly rental car, public Transport in Istanbul
No. of Travel buddies: 2
Overall Cost excluding fly in and fly out (2Persons): 1.436,30 Euro
Daily Budget per person (excluding fly in and fly out): ~42.- Euro


City Nights Accomodation
Istanbul (3 nights) 3 Hostel
Gölbasi 1 Camping ground Tent
Avanos (Next to Göreme) 4 Camping ground Tent
Sultanhani 0
Selcuk (Ephesus) 1 Wild camping Tent
Egidir 2 Hostel
Güzelkamli 1 Wild camping Tent
Pamukkale 1 Camping ground Tent
Ayvalik 1 Camping ground Tent
Canakkale – Istanbul 3 Camping ground Tent

…to be continued

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