This is my first Blog

At the moment it feels a little lonely here. Not that I am surprised. The whole site went online only a couple of days ago. However being aware that my audience are the googlebots and their brothers and sister out there feels a little weird to be honest.

So my dear Googlebots (This is the firs time I adress my audience directly, haha):

Why am I doing this?

This website is my trainging ground for writing online and Web 2.0.  I did some Web 1.0. in the past. Even I would go as far as to say I know a bit about Web 0.7 to 0.9.

No idea where this site is going

I do believe that you cannot become good at things from studying only. Research is important. But skills develop while using them. So this is a finger excercise at the moment.

I like reading blogs. But when starting this little site of my own, I realized that I now tend to look at other blogs from a new perspective. Reading about how to start a blog is enlightening, but at the same time the more you read from others the more you realize:
“Wow there are some people out there doing this since quite a bit. And this guy has a beautiful look and feel on his site. That gal has great pcitures. These people know how to entertain their audience”

The first reaction might be: “I´ll never make it that far”. But then on the other hand nobody is born as a professional. Becoming better requires training. Becoming good requires hard training. Becoming excellent requires talent, hard work and a lot of training.

As a conclusion this site might face a lot of  change in the future. In terms of look and feel. In terms of content. And in terms of the direction it is heading.

I´ve never been a long term traveler

Although I think I´ve traveled a bit, so far I never left home longer thant 8 weeks or so. Though the place called home has changed a lot. And I´ve also seen a bit of the world, yet. I love traveling and there is this desire of becoming a long term or even permanent nomad. Well at the moment I´m not. My time will come…

I am not an English native speaker

Perhabs you already realized 😉 You might say: if this is your first blog you better should have started writing in your mother tongue. And probably you´re right. But as it turns out I underestimated the hurdles that come with writing in a foreign language.  However I´ll stick to it for the moment. If the hurdles turn out to be to high I´ll change it. Currently it is good the way it is.

Fishing for comments welcome!

If you read until this point and you are not a searchbot: Thanks for taking the time. I hope you feel a little entertained.  Or maybe you are exercising in a similar way at the moment. Or you just can´t stand all those uninspired blog newbies. With this last paragraph I want to encourage you to leave a first comment on this site. As this is not a lecture but targeted on bidirectional exchange.