Relief pain from Insect bites with chamomile tea

Insect bites all over. Plenty of them. Who hasn´t suffered from that. It hurts it itches. I use chamomomile tea and my towel to get easy pain relieve.

Make some tea from chamomile (easy to carry and not a big hazzle to get in many countries) on your cooker. Take your towel and dip it to one third into the tea. Now wrap the wet part of your towel around the part of your body that itches most. If you can’t wrap it just apply it on the point of interest.

After a few seconds you should feel relieve. When you feel the towel is cooling down, iterate as long as it feels good.

You might want to wait until the tea cooles down a bit after cooking if you are sensible before applying it . Personally I try to use it as hot as can be. The heat helps to neutralize the poison from many insects.

This method also helps for scratches you might have taken as a souvenir from todays hiking trip.

As I just had the pleasure of some 15 bee stings yesterday, I also have a few Fotos to illustrate 😉

chamomile teaIMG_2037

Boy does this feel good!




Disclaimer: Be responsible with yourself. The obove is my treatment for some everyday minor injuries. If you feel really sick or are in an area with dangerous insects consider finding a doctor.