8 alternatives if you cannot visit/do not want to visit the Munich Oktoberfest

Why you should avoid the Munich Oktoberfest

Unless you are in the gorgeous situation that travel budget is not a big issue for you, there are a couple of reasons to consider alternatives. Yes it is said to be the largest Volksfest on the world. But definitely I am not the first to claim that it´s not always the size that matters.

As the Oktoberfest has a unique atmosphere, it inspires travelers year after year to visit and celebbrate with the cloud. Cole and Adela from fourjandals.com wrote an excellent short guide on how to survive the Oktoberfest as a foreign visitor. However if this huge event is not your piece of cake here are some

Reasons for not visiting the Munich Oktoberfest

Ok what is the main attraction when visiting the Oktoberfest:
You sit in an overcrowded tent. On an uncomfortable bank. Which you have to reserve if you go in the evening. Every now and than someone will pur his or her beer over your nice Dirndl or Lederhosen that you just bought. You are listening to music that is well … it takes getting used to it. The music will be so loud that you won´t be able to have a conversation with the person next to you. Except from screaming directly into his/her ear. Which leaves you two options:

Drinking. And Eating. Well nothing to bad about that. Only that I can think of more pleasant ways of enjoying my dinner/lunch. Which is besides that somewhat upscale at mediocre quality.

1 Liter of beer is currently close to 10.- Euro. If plan not to drink you´re probably really better of not to go. If you go though and stay away from alcohol, be informed that spring water is appr. 7 Euro.
Finding accomodiation has it´s price as well. Hostel beds tend to be around 90.- Euro, just to give you a rough idea.

It´s fun and for me this once in lifetime experience is worth everything you are mentioning you might say. And I am pretty aware that most international travelers visiting Germany think that way. And I do visit some weird events that most locals wouldn´t do as well. By the way approximately 34% of the people living in Munich did not grow up there. If, however, you are looking for alternatives with a little more real, here is my list of

8 alternative events to visit if you avoid the Munich Oktoberfest:

City Event Date
Bamberg Sandkerwa Aug 22.-Aug 26. 2013
Nuremberg Volksfest Aug 23.-Sep 8. 2013
Cologne Carneval Feb 27.-Mar 4. 2014
Passau Maidult Apr 25. – May 4. 2014
Erlangen Bergkirchweih Jun 6. – Jun 16 2014
Würzburg Kiliani Volksfest Jul 4. – Jul 20. 2014
Forchheim Annafest Jul 25. – Aug 4. 2014
Passau Herbstdult Sep 5. -Sep 14. 2014

Have you visited the Oktoberfest yet?

Probably you´re going anyhow to the Oktoberfest. Or you have already been there. I hope you enjoy yourself a lot on this unique event. You are welcome to share your experience in the comment section. Also if you are visiting one of the 8 alternative events or feel you think something is missing there.

Party on!

10 free or inexpensive things to do in Germany

Small Budget Travel in Germany

Let´s assume you are not a big fan of the Octoberfest. Or you have been there already and need to look after your budget more, from now on Or you are on small budget travel anyhow. Here is a my

Shortlist of 10 free or inexpensive things to do in Germany:

What to do Price appr.
Visit Landscape Park Duisburg North 0,00 €
Have “3 im Weckla” in Nürnberg 3,00 €
Have a Currywurst in Bochum 2,30 €
Visit Cologne Cathedral 3,00 €
Visit the Court Gardens in Würzburg 0,00 €
Visit “Marienberg Fortress” in Wüzburg 0,00 €
Take a walk on the “Krämerbrücke” in Erfurt 0,00 €
Take a half hour bikeride through Hamburg 0,00 €

What do you think is missing on this list?