10 free or inexpensive things to do in Germany

Small Budget Travel in Germany

Let´s assume you are not a big fan of the Octoberfest. Or you have been there already and need to look after your budget more, from now on Or you are on small budget travel anyhow. Here is a my

Shortlist of 10 free or inexpensive things to do in Germany:

What to do Price appr.
Visit Landscape Park Duisburg North 0,00 €
Have “3 im Weckla” in Nürnberg 3,00 €
Have a Currywurst in Bochum 2,30 €
Visit Cologne Cathedral 3,00 €
Visit the Court Gardens in Würzburg 0,00 €
Visit “Marienberg Fortress” in Wüzburg 0,00 €
Take a walk on the “Krämerbrücke” in Erfurt 0,00 €
Take a half hour bikeride through Hamburg 0,00 €

What do you think is missing on this list?